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Executive Chef Chris Santos Reaches the Tapa His Game

By Marisa Finetti

The Beauty & Essex chef's new recipe book reflects his unique brand of communal dining.

Green Felt Journal

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Seven Anniversary

Seven Year Switch: How Las Vegas Hospitality Has Changed

By David G. Schwartz

In looking back at the history of "Vegas Seven," it’s important to keep one eye on the city’s trajectory.

Ask a Native

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Ask a Native

Where Can You Take Fido to Brunch?

By James P. Reza

Taking one’s pooch to brunch seems an almost expected right, and a rite of passage for many Las Vegans. The problem? Most places that permit pets have done so on the sly.

Cirque du Soleil Stars: They’re Just Like Us!

By Jason R. Latham

What is beneath the elaborate costumes, that artful makeup and those incredible wigs of the Cirque du Soleil family? To get answers, we did the only thing we could do. We asked.