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Cast Your Vote for the Bar Hall of Fame Nominees

By Staff

We’ve provided a list of 32 nominees for the 2015 Las Vegas Bar Hall of Fame. Now it’s your turn to weigh in with your opinion.


UNLV Sophomore Patrick McCaw Drafted by Warriors

The former Rebels guard is heading to Golden State.

A Small Bite

Clique Hospitality Is Heading to San Diego

By Al Mancini

After more than a year as one of the fastest-growing restaurant and nightclub groups in Las Vegas, the company is preparing to head to San Diego with a trio of new venues.

A Small Bite

Lucky Foo’s Fork & Spoon Pays It Forward One Plate at a Time

By Ally Tatosian

Lucky Foo’s Sushi, Cocktails & Kitchen will debut its first ever pay-it-forward “pop up” restaurant, Fork & Spoon LV, on June 27.


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Humble Chicken Sandwiches Elevated to Superstar Status

By Melinda Sheckells

Take a bite out of the city’s seven best chicken sandwiches—sadly, Fuku not included.

Green Felt Journal

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Green Felt Journal

Caesars’ Room Art Gives Guests Something to Gawk At

By David G. Schwartz

Usually, hotel room art at best presents a regional accent; at worst, it says nothing and moves no one. For the creatives at KNA Design, the distinctly Caesars touch was essential.

Ask a Native

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Ask a Native

What Odds of Long-Term Success Do You Give an NHL Team in Las Vegas?

By James P. Reza

The Native weighs in on the NHL craze and paid parking on the Strip.

Funk Legends Cameo Serve ‘Candy’ at the Westgate

By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

We spoke to frontman Larry Blackmon about singing, being sampled and a lifetime of making music.

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