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Silver State, Green Energy

Governor Brian Sandoval and Senator Harry Reid stood in front of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign and unveiled a report declaring Nevada a clean energy economic hub. The sun, bright enough for Reid to wear shades, was being soaked up by 18 photovoltaic panels along the highway median. That evening, the glow of the iconic sign was, for the first time, powered by solar energy. Read More

Tour Buzz

The Haim sisters play the Boulevard Pool April 17

Tour Buzz: Haim, Bastille and Neon Trees

The Haim sisters have delivered on all their early promise with a well-received debut album (Days Are Gone, 2013), and even though I can’t hear the opening bars of “The Wire” without thinking of “Heartache Tonight,” I’m already anxious to hear what they’ll come up with next. Read More


Carbonara ramen (in front) with  kuroi tonkotsu. | Photo by Anthony Mair

Reinventing Ramen

It wasn’t all that long ago that most Las Vegans thought ramen was little more than those dirt-cheap dried noodles we ate in our college dorm rooms. Then Monta showed up in 2010 and taught us all how amazing these simple Japanese noodle dishes could be. Read More


Photos by Jon Estrada

The Kitchen Mentor

It’s a Thursday morning, and Silverado High School’s Advanced Culinary Studies class is preparing its weekly lunch service of three courses from scratch for faculty and guests. In the midst of a crowded, hectic kitchen, a student is informing her teacher, Ann Taylor, that the heated chocolate she just put into a squeeze-bottle is still too thick to decorate the dessert. Read More