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Sophomores Stand Out at Showcase

It’s tough to draw many conclusions from 20 minutes of basketball—especially when that basketball is an intrasquad scrimmage taking place after less than two weeks of practice. But one thing definitely shined through in those 20 minutes at UNLV’s Scarlet & Gray Showcase, and that was talent. The Rebels are an extremely talented team. Read More



Hakkasan Group Turns Pure into Omnia

Hakkasan Group has announced the name of its next project, a complete renovation of the former Pure Nightclub space in Caesars Palace. Omnia—Latin for “all things” or “everything”—we are told, will be an “opulent, classic design of the physical space with state-of-the-art, modern technology” that will be realized by the Rockwell Group. Read More



Crowdfunding Tips from an Expert

You’re a first-time entrepreneur and you just finished your business plan for your first startup. But after practicing your elevator pitch over and over and networking, you can’t find anyone willing to invest in your company and you don’t have enough in your bank account to bootstrap. So what now? Read More

Storytelling 2014


Closed City

All punctual people are punctual in the same way; each impunctual person is late in a manner all his own. This is why people who are late are interesting, if infuriating. The things that can happen to make one late are endlessly entertaining, particularly if you are capable of being entertained by lies. Read More