Vegas Seven

A Very New Year

A Very New Year

Here’s what Vegas Seven is looking forward to in 2017

17 Things We Are Excited for in 2017

2017 Wish List

Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi Wants You to Save Room for Dessert

With The Cosmopolitan’s Momofuku comes Milk Bar—and chef is eager to unleash her imaginative delectables onto the Las Vegas Strip.

2017 Wish List

Can We Finally Get Along?

Now that Americans are revealing their true sentiments, let’s have an honest discussion on race in 2017.

What Will Gaming Look Like in 2017?
By David G. Schwartz

What changes will 2017 bring to Las Vegas gaming and hospitality?

Holding Out for a … Heroine
By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

‘Wonder Woman’ is the superhero flick we’ve (actually) been waiting for

Sonic Afterlife
By Zoneil Maharaj

All our music heroes are dead—let’s raid their vaults

Preserving Red Rock
By Shannon Miller

A recent lawsuit will determine the fate of Blue Diamond Hill

Will News Media Stay Strong or Sell Out in 2017?
By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

Will the fourth estate stay strong or sell out?

Paid Parking: Will You Stay or Will You Go?
By Anthony Curtis

With more properties jumping on the paid-parking bandwagon, locals will either fall in line or take a stand

Let’s Light Up
By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

Legal green across the Silver State

Creative Inspiration
By Jessie O'Brien

Art is good when everything else is bad

Downtown 4.0
By James P. Reza

Welcoming another year of change for the city’s urban core