Bye bye, Bette

Bette Midler may not have said goodbye, but she definitely said “see you later” to Las Vegas on Jan. 31. After 180 shows, the showgirl is moving on—or maybe just across the road: Some say the Divine Miss M will soon take her show to the Wynn.

It looks like rumors about Celine Dion’s eventual/inevitable return are true. Robin Leach reports she will reclaim the spotlight at Caesars on March 25, 2011. (Leach cites Barbara Brander “of Zeropower”—whatever that is—and an unnamed AEG official as his sources.)

Las Vegas Review-Journal personality Norm Clarke didn’t see Midler at her closing night party at Bradley Ogden, but that wasn’t the only person he noticed was notably absent that night.

“A fellow scribe who wasn’t there liberally lifted items from my column & aft-party story,” he posted to Twitter. “But he was ‘first’ with the news that no food was left when he checked out Bette’s backstage farewells & all he could find to eat was grapes.”

No shortage of sour grapes, there.



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