The Look: Bree Goldwater, 37

Human landscaper, BOX waxing and skin care studio

Always on the lookout for “statement-making accessories,” Bree Goldwater says she’s known for stylish, over-the-top adornments—antique-inspired necklaces especially.

The stylish entrepreneur also has a thing for hats. “Just because we live in the desert, people think they can’t wear hats,” she laments. “I’ll sweat my ass off for the right hat.”

What she’s wearing now: Replay jeans; Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater; Alice Temperley vest (Alice Temperley for Target) with attached goose feather sleeves (self-made); turquoise necklace (also self-made); chain necklace with glass ball (brand unknown; purchased at a London flea market); hat (designer unknown; a gift from her husband); Swatch watch; Tom Ford sunglasses; and Joey clogs (a tent sale find).