Story from the Bar: George Sproule, bartender at Downtown Cocktail Room

“I’ll never forget the night that the infamous Gary ‘Gaz’ Regan came into the Downtown Cocktail Room with UBC Enterprises for a book signing, for which he showed up with no books. It was a small, private event, and he made us a cocktail with gin, green chartreuse and cayenne pepper. He strained it from the mixing glass with a ‘Regan Strainer’—a.k.a. his fingers—and recited a toast about masturbation. I don’t remember the name of it—it could have been impromptu—but it read like a limerick andI was crying from laughing too hard … so I don’t remember the [other] details. All the guests heard, and they were eating it up. It was a classic moment.”

Note: Gary Regan is the author of The Bartender’s Gin Compendium (Xlibris Corp., 2009) and the cocktail columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. George Sproule is a fixture behind the bar at Downtown Cocktail Room and mixes a mean cocktail or two on the Strip, too.

– As told to Jessica Prois