Super Pies

Every holiday has a traditional dish to go along with it, and for Super Bowl Sunday the main course has to be pizza. To help you narrow down the list in the phonebook, here are seven of my favorite pies in town. Note that only Metro and Amore deliver, so be sure to call in your order early.
[b]Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza[/b]
These crusts aren’t as flavorful as others in this list, but the wood oven makes their texture appealing and the toppings are deliciously unusual. The best choices are found in the Artisan Thin Crust Pizzas section, where the crust is crunchier. My favorite here is the Feta Manouri, made with Macedonian sheep’s milk cheese, a touch of orange blossom honey and fresh oregano. Five locations; visit for the one near you.
[b]White Clam Pizza at Nove[/b]
If I had to pick a last meal, this might be it. Self-taught Italian chef Geno Bernardo has adapted the classic version of the famous Frank Pepe’s of New Haven, Conn. This “white pizza” features a cracker-thin crust, herbs, white sauce and chopped fresh clams but holds both the cheese and tomatoes. It is, all at once, the taste of the ocean, deliciously addictive and immutably Italian. Fantasy Tower at the Palms, 942-7777.
[b]Pizza Margherita at Settebello[/b]
To make the city’s best and most authentic pizza, owner Brad Otton uses high-gluten wheat flour from a company called Caputo; a wood-burning oven that was imported, stone by stone, from Italy; and the flavors of hardwoods. His Margherita employs chopped tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, and with its chewy crust, blackened bottom and gooey center, it’s just like you get in Naples. The District at Green Valley Ranch, 140 S. Green Valley Parkway, 222-3556.
[b]Pizza Frittata at Anthony’s[/b]
Coal is another way to produce a chewy, bubbly crust, and this South Florida chain uses the combustible mineral judiciously. The motto here is “pizza well-done,” meaning longer oven time and one of the crisper crusts in town. The Frittata is topped with egg, peppers and onions, and it’s my favorite because it reminds me of the sub sandwiches back home in New England. Town Square Las Vegas, 6605 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 361-7500.
[b]Deep Dish with Onion at Amore Taste of Chicago[/b]
I have never cared for Chicago-style pizza, but this beauty is the exception. If you don’t mind a 45-minute wait, this pie is wonderful. Each is at least two inches thick and has a deep red pool of sauce covering a layer of mozzarella. The golden-brown crust surrounds the interior like a regal crown, and if you’re from Chicago, it will remind you of the pizza at Gino’s East. 3945 S. Durango Dr. 562-9000.
[b]Pepperoni Pizza at Grimaldi’s[/b]
This New York import relies on coal as well, but the crusts are chewier, bubblier and more flavorful than the ones at Anthony’s. If you like your pizza well done, specify that when ordering. The place gets packed in the evenings, but these are pizzas worth a wait. The pepperoni is my favorite because it comes with lots of meat on top of the cheese, instead of under, as many places do. Richmar Plaza, 9595 S. Eastern Ave., 657-9400. A second Grimaldi’s opens in March at Boca Park Fashion Village, 750 S. Rampart Blvd., 479-1351.
[b]The Mulberry Street at Metro Pizza[/b]
If we have anything close to a local pizza chain, it is Metro. The pizzas here are cooked in a gas oven with a stone cooking surface, so each crust is golden brown, never oily and nicely elastic. Co-founders John Arena and Sam Facchini have won awards for being great operators, and their friendly establishments offer a real bang for the buck. The Mulberry Street ($12.50) is topped with eggplant and ricotta cheese, and will easily satisfy two hungry football fans. Five locations; [url=][/url]