Tweets of the Week

@Ander517 Looks like @JohnEnsign found his @twitter account. Did Cindy have it? haha

@Fox5NewsDesk Reid Rep: “If Jim Gibbons wants to know why Maglev didn’t get any of the $8 billion in stimulus money… he should look in the mirror.”

@CHRISVOSS Give a person a fish, you feed them for a day. Teach ’em to use Twitter, they won’t bother you for weeks.

@alisonem I kind of want Lil Wayne to be my boyfriend. If only he wasn’t hooked on that damn cough syrup.. Pretty sure his hair is prettier than mine.

@GDemo Congress should pass a bill banning Taylor Swift from covering Fleetwood Mac.

@timbleonard Just lost 8 bucks in a friendly game of poker. There is no way I could last in Vegas.

@Prestwickuk Oh wow, the sunset station in henderson, Las Vegas is still trying to tempt me back. BREAKFAST FRIED CHICKEN AND POKER FOR EVERYONE

@djcrooked I’ve seen Jamie Fox perform at TAO & take that shit more seriously than his performance on the Grammys…hahahah

@djcrooked I can’t stop laughing about that Jamie Fox performance…all they needed was Jeff Beacher to pop out with his gang of midgets.Tweets of the Week