Tweets of the Week

@Ander517 Looks like @JohnEnsign found his @twitter account. Did Cindy have it? haha

@Fox5NewsDesk Reid Rep: “If Jim Gibbons wants to know why Maglev didn’t get any of the $8 billion in stimulus money… he should look in the mirror.”

@CHRISVOSS Give a person a fish, you feed them for a of day. Teach ’em to use Twitter, they wholesale mlb jerseys won’t bother you for weeks.

@alisonem I kind of Bette want Lil Wayne cheap nba jerseys to be my boyfriend. If only he wasn’t hooked on that damn cough syrup.. Pretty sure his hair is prettier than mine.

@GDemo Congress should pass a bill banning Taylor Swift ξ?ρετε. from covering Fleetwood Mac.

@timbleonard Just lost 8 bucks in a friendly game of cheap mlb jerseys poker. There is no way The I could last in Vegas.

@Prestwickuk Oh wow, the sunset station in henderson, and Las Vegas is still trying to tempt me back. BREAKFAST FRIED CHICKEN AND cheap mlb jerseys POKER FOR EVERYONE

@djcrooked I’ve Interieur seen Jamie Fox perform at TAO & take that shit more seriously than his performance on the Grammys…hahahah

@djcrooked I can’t stop laughing about that Jamie Fox performance…all they needed was Jeff Beacher to pop out with his gang of midgets.Tweets of the Week