The Fantasy Tour

Photo by Eric Ita

Photo by Eric Ita

Angelica Bridges may be the star of Fantasy at Luxor, but her personality is drawn from ancient history. “I’m a redhead, and I’ve always felt like I’m a siren,” she says, alluding to “that loud, proud, wild fierceness” depicted in Greek mythology.

The sexy starlet is all those things both on and off the stage—and this approach applies to her lingerie collection as well. From La Perla stockings to lace triangle bras, bold, passionate styles and colors rule her wardrobe.

“This is a very powerful piece of lingerie—one that says, ‘I mean business,’” she says of a Corset Magic number that she wears onstage. It’s black, flecked with red, blue and gold. “It’s got a shimmer, almost like a peacock.” Although the model/actress/sex symbol owns hundreds of bras, panties, corsets, thongs and stockings, Bridges seems able to recite where and when she bought each piece in her collection—and how much she paid for them, too. The corset, for example, she bought for $250 at Forplay in Hollywood.

While her sexy purchases quickly add up, she believes it’s all money well spent. She credits her arsenal of hundred-plus-dollar corsets as what provides her with an exaggerated “Scarlett O’Hara waistline,” for example.

In addition to her eye-catching undies, Bridges’ onstage wardrobe includes a long, figure-flattering black dress and boa combination (“Very Jessica Rabbit,” she says); a matching blue corset, cowboy boots and hat paired with skintight blue jeans (“They just look like jeans that were painted on,” she laughs); and a sheer black tunic—yet it’s what’s under the tunic (and every other one of her outfits) that everyone cares about.

In the case of the sheer sweater, what lies beneath is a fire-engine-red satin bra and panty combination from Love Jones at the Hard Rock Hotel. And Le Perla stockings, of course.

The starlet figures she spends about $600 a month on pantyhose.

“Oh my gosh, I go crazy on the stockings,” says Bridges, who went on a Strip shopping spree recently. “I bought probably nine pairs of stockings that day. I’ll spend $150 for one pair, but they’re such good quality, they last.”

Bras are another fetish, as evidenced in the closet of her Las Vegas home. “I have all my bras set up like you were going into Le Perla or Victoria’s Secret,” she says proudly.

She isn’t joking about the retail references: The inside of her closet could be confused for store shelves, with Lucite and glass drawers and doors. “I probably have 50 or 60 bras, and they’re all displayed,” she says.

Just like a boutique, most of the items in her collection come in complete sets. “I never leave the house without matching,” she says. “You always want to be prepared. If you get into an accident and they have to … open your top to use a defibrillator on you, you want the EMTs to see the matching set.”

And if paramedics needed to make a house call, they would be lucky to find her in her favorite negligee, from Kiki De Montparnasse in Crystals at CityCenter. “It’s kind of like a silk babydoll slip, but it’s really super short with silk panties,” she says of the $325 set. “I love wearing that to bed because it’s so soft and comfortable.”

Despite the prices at the high-end boutique, Bridges says, “Kiki De Montparnasse tends to be my favorite store right now.”

With a plethora of lingerie shopping experience under her garter belt, the siren feels qualified to give men advice as they look to buy their ladies a lacy little something special for Valentine’s Day.

“I would ask him, ‘What makes your girlfriend’s eyes really stand out?’ If he says, ‘Blue or purple,’ then I would tell him to go with a blue or lavender, silk or satin above-the-knee negligee,” she says.

For guys who have been married a while, the single divorcee suggests a pricier bra-panty-stockings set as a start. From there, she suggests kicking it up a notch: “Then you can mosey on down to the Agent Provocateur store and buy a silk blindfold and a whip!”

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