Partying hard(er) at Tao

While Laura Croft’s birthday party was expected to be the main event at Tao on Feb. 4, the Playboy Playmate’s party was outdone by another notorious Tao regular (who will remain anonymous) who flew to town and proceeded to all but take over the nightclub. Ordering bottle after bottle, the big spender spared no expense. Servers repeatedly set the nightclub aglow as they paraded through the crowd to bring the international party boy the latest addition to what seemed to be a never-ending tab. Croft’s BFF Holly Madison was there to help her celebrate in the club’s VIP moat area but the high-roller packed some serious blonde ambition in his 20-person entourage, too. People clamored to party alongside him at the owner’s VIP table, where heiress Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt were among the guests. Rapper Maino was also at Tao that night and performed his track “All of the Above” for the crowd.

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