Story from the Bar: Carlos Crow, bartender and bar manager, Loose Caboose, 4405 W. Flamingo Road.

“This lady came in and said, ‘I have to get a shirt from here; this is such a great name for a gay bar.’ I laughed and told her that we’re actually a gaming establishment … and she said, ‘But I was just over at the Palms and they said you were a gay bar!’ I told her they must have just been messing with her. Anyway, it turns out she owns a bunch of liquor stores in Beaver, Utah, and when she travels, she goes around and collects all kinds of T-shirts so she wanted to trade me one of our shirts for one of hers. Well, guess what the name of her business is: Beaver Liquor! All I could say was, ‘They let you get away with that name up there?!’”