Tweets of the Week

@tunkin67 Spending Ur $ in Vegas is a heck of a lot more useful than sending it 2 Obama 2 spend & a heck of a lot more fun. Book a Vegas flight now.

@TFLN (219) rather than putting your name in guys phones, you just texted 90999 to donate $10 to Haiti and then gave it back to them.

@kayyfuller you live and you learn… and then you go to vegas!!

@M4cKs84 UFC 109: Relentless did not disappoint!! Randy Couture is an animal!!

@rafeon Lol. Am I high or did I just see a robot doing the robot dance in Vegas in a Super Bowl commercial?

@Tanjee @stonerokk killed it tonight.
>@stonerokk The deer I ran over maybe.
>@djexodus Is your car ok?
>@stonerokk I was on rollerblades.

@MichaelCardella 2 for 2 for getting hit on by men @ 24hr Fitness on Sunset. Strong first outing toward becoming the gay bait rookie of the year.

@oakvich Just watched the Nevada State of the State address. Time to dust off the resume just in case.

@rtsims I just gave the State of Nevada $391.00. That should fix it.

@zappos On plane, old man in seat next to me raised up the armrest between us. I guess he wanted to get rid of the generation gap.

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