Sneak Attack

Master sneaker maker Creative Recreation has teamed up with Saks Fifth Avenue to release the Turino as part of its high-end Italian line, Collection. This recently-released shoe packs a stylized punch with hidden laces, elastic gore panels, a slim silhouette and fine Italian leather. $295, Saks Fifth Avenue at Fashion Show.

Be like Haan

Footwear powerhouses Nike and Cole Haan partner again to launch a new hybrid line, FLX. The aerodynamics of Nike crossed with the supple style of Cole Haan won’t cause a flex in your pocketbook. Shoes $78-$138, accessories $110-$178, Cole Haan, available April 2010.

Ode to the Alligator

The laughing alligator and the clothing it emblematizes comes to life in Lacoste: The Element of Style (Assouline Publishing, 2010) by Olivier Margot. With 150 illustrations, this hardcover chronicle illuminates the legacy of René Lacoste and the “democratic luxuriousness” of his brand. $50, Assouline in Crystals at CityCenter.

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The Fantasy Tour

The Fantasy Tour

By Marvin Lucas

Angelica Bridges may be the star of Fantasy at Luxor, but her personality is drawn from ancient history. “I’m a redhead, and I’ve always felt like I’m a siren,” she says, alluding to “that loud, proud, wild fierceness” depicted in Greek mythology. The sexy starlet is all those things both on and off the stage—and this approach applies to her lingerie collection as well. From La Perla stockings to lace triangle bras, bold, passionate styles and colors rule her wardrobe.