Speidi (non)sense

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were in Las Vegas over the weekend (Feb. 13-14) and they were as weird as ever—maybe weirder. After Montag shelled out lord-only-knows how Cisco 640-816 much for various plastic surgeries, her hubby told People that his favorite feature is her hair—because, you know, “It keeps growing so beautifully and naturally.” Pratt sounded as wacky as he looked, sporting a crazy-man beard and grasping a rock—sorry, powerful “crystal”—on the red carpet outside Pure on Feb. 13. Pratt has been tweeting up a storm lately, posting eerie pictures from his “hyperbaric Oxygen pass4real chamber” and proclaiming, “The revolutionary use of directed energy has the potential to attack multiple targets at the speed of light with Pure love!”

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The future of TV, the death of cable?

The future of TV, the death of cable?

Web-enabled TVs and streaming video suggest the days of paying for cable are numbered I have two devices in my living room that stream movies and prime time TV shows straight from the Internet to my TV—and no, the setup wasn’t sourced from a scene in The Matrix. One of the devices is a Blu-ray player that I bought for $129; the other is a Nintendo Wii, which I lovingly refer to as the video gaming system of choice for slightly overweight parents. Both have the ability to stream movies or download other content direct from the web, which means you can to it, too.