Three De-Toxes to Try

  1. Blueprint Cleanse. Dabblers should try the new Tasting Flight, a sampling of the so-called Golden Girls of Blueprint (two each of Spicy Lemonade, Pineapple Mint and Cashew Milk) that are meant to supplement your diet. And for the mastication fixated, there’s Juice ’Til Dinner, which launched nationwide this month and includes raw-meal options such as soba noodles, quinoa tabouli and marinated kale.; $85 per day, including shipping.
  2. GNC. The health supplement store’s seven-day be-Cleansed is not a juice cleanse in the strictest sense; at the program’s core is a healthful, whole-food diet. The kit includes four potent vials of a green citrus-flavored juice, plus useful extras such as an anti-bloating formula and cranberry extract for kidney health.; $47 for weeklong kit.
  3. iZO Cleanze. This Tinseltown operation has its headquarters in a hot-pink former Krishna temple and delivers a daily supply of organic juices, teas and superfoods to your doorstep. Save money by opting for the Superfood Cleanze, which includes a supply of powders (and recommended recipes) to mix into store-bought juice.; from $100 per day.

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