Thai BBQ Chicken at Krung Siam

This elegant, relatively new Chinatown Thai restaurant serves excellent Thai barbecued chicken on the bone, redolent of garlic, coriander and spices. It’s traditionally eaten with sticky rice and som tam, spicy raw green papaya salad. If you want, though, have it plain, sizzling on an iron plate. $12.99, 3755 Spring Mountain Road, 735-9485.

French Pizza, Flamekuche, at Garfield’s

Chef Jean David Groff-Daudet is from Burgundy. But this white cheese and bacon pie, the closest dish that the French have to pizza, is from Alsace, the province tossed back and forth between France and Germany. So natch, it’s a great beer snack. $11 (lunch), $12 (dinner), 2620 Regatta Dr., Suite 118, 925-8333.

Italian Chicago Roast Beef Sandwich at Ciao Ciao Apizza Angelato

A good Italian beef sandwich is hard to find, but this one fills the bill. It comes on a crusty roll, with lots of thinly sliced roast beef, sopping wet with au jus. Inside, there is giardiniere, that deliciously piquant combination of pickle and pepper. $8.95, 4460 S. Durango Dr., Suite H, 889-2700.

Croquetas at Julian Serrano

What did the polar bear say to his friend as he looked down on the igloo? “I like those things because they are crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside.” Ditto these magic little bullets of puréed chicken and béchamel sauce. Don’t try this at home. $9, Aria at City Center, 590-8520.

Chicken Wings at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

The best dish at this Florida import is not the pizza, but rather these bionic wings, finished in the restaurant’s coal ovens. With a nice crunch and the subtle flavor of perfumed smoke, they also come with foccaccia and sweet onions. $8.95 (10 pieces), Town Square, 6569 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 361-7500.

Clam Chowder at Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood

Rick Moonen is a sustainable seafood guru at his Mandalay Bay restaurant. His new opus Fish Without A Doubt: The Cook’s Essential Companion (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2008) is a virtual seafood bible. And his clam chowda is good enough to make a New Englander jump out of his skin. Give credit to the clam broth and more than a little bacon. $9 (lunch), $12 (dinner), Mandalay Bay, 632-9300.

Cuban Sandwich at Florida Café

Unless you have Cuban sweet bread, ham, sliced roast pork, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, a George Foreman grilling machine and a deft hand in the kitchen, you need to come here. This is one of the great sandwiches of the world. Period. $9.67, 1401 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 385-3013.

Mojito Lamb Chops at First Food and Bar

Sam DeMarco practically invented the small-dish concept before tapas got hot. He’s a creator, all right, serving everything from watermelon salad with feta cheese, to Philly cheesesteak dumplings. His lamb chops, glazed with minty sauce laced with lime and 151 proof rum, are simply astonishing. $13, Palazzo, 607-3478.