Post Breakup Battle Royale

Forget the UFC octagon or wrestling ring: The best battle in Las Vegas is being fought behind the velvet ropes, on the red carpet and in the VIP. And on Feb. 19, the Viva Elvis premiere at Aria provided the perfect place for two former flames to go head-to-head.

Criss Angel dropped the “L” word the last time he and Holly Madison walked the carpet at a Cirque du Soleil premiere—but that was then (in 2008, for the Believe debut) and times have changed. Their relationship was doomed to fail—which, coincidentally enough, is precisely what some critics have said about Believe. Still, Angel may have the last word on that one, since his show is still going.

Angel and Madison didn’t collide on the carpet at the Elvis premiere but jabs were definitely thrown—and landed.

Madison looked cute; Angel looked creepy (point Madison). She walked the carpet with her handsome co-star Josh Strickland, Angel walked alone (point Madison). While Angel did show more cleavage than his overexposed ex (will somebody please tell him to button his shirt?!), the Peepshow starlet emerged victorious.

Perez Hilton—whom Angel called “the world’s biggest douchebag asshole” during a performance last year—did his part to help Madison secure the win. He donned a Criss Angel T-shirt and jokingly caressed the image of magician’s shirtless torso.

A true high school-style battle of whose-friends-are-the-coolest went down later that night and once again it was Madison who came out on top.

She headed to Lavo (where Hilton was hosting a “Tweetup” party) with fellow former Playboy model Laura Croft, Strickland and the rest of her Las Vegas Power Gays. Meanwhile, Angel went to XS and hung out with fellow Luxor resident Carrot Top and—wait for it—Wynonna Judd. Because, you know, that’s not random at all.

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