Brandon Ring, 31

VIP Services Manager at Pure

Hometown: Kalispell, Mont.

Best Tip: $2,000 from some British international exchange rate traders. They deal with trading billions of dollars in just one day, so a couple grand is literally pocket change to them.

If he wasn’t taking care of the shiny people at Pure for a living, he’d be: In finance. I was a stockbroker previously for about five years, so I would still be doing that.

Color he associates himself with: Black—like my suit and car.

Superpower of choice: I would like to be able to fly. X-ray vision could come in handy as well but would probably be too distracting.

What do you want to see invented in your lifetime? A cure for global warming.

Favorite iPhone app: I am T-Pain.

The thing you don’t know about him is: When I was younger, I competed in ski racing at the Junior Olympics.

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