Seven Nights

Entertaining options for a week of nonstop fun and excitement.

Thur. 4

Ladies come first at First Food and Bar this Thursday as the restaurant and lounge reinvents “retail therapy” and hosts its first ladies night. Women can unwind with some bargain-priced, beverage-based retail therapy ($5 cocktails) and enjoy gift bags furnished by Dior Cosmetics. Representatives from Dior will also be there to perform makeovers. Second floor of the Shoppes at the Palazzo, 9 p.m., no cover.

Fri. 5

It’s First Friday, so head downtown and join the colorful crowd at the Arts District’s monthly street party. Browse the galleries, watch the performers and get your fill of culture. Charleston Avenue at Casino Center, 6-10 p.m., free. As things shut down, keep the art theme going and make your way to the Artisan for a few rounds of creative cocktails. 1501 W. Sahara Ave., no cover.

Sat. 6

Grab a spirited spot at Blue Martini’s Saturday afternoon Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party on the Patio starts at 3 and continues until 6 p.m. and features a hookah lounge and croquet, so don’t be late for this important date. Wear a Mad Hatter-style hat for a free tea martini. At Town Square. Later that night, mix laughs and libations with Family Guy personality Seth Green as he celebrates his birthday at the Wynn. Though the Austin Powers actor actually turned 36 on Feb. 8, he’ll celebrate his belated b-day at Blush, while resident DJ Mighty Mi—not to be confused with Mini Me—spins. Doors at 10:30 p.m., $30 for guys, free for girls.

Sun. 7

Sunday usually means the end to the weekend, but since the 2010 Nightclub & Bar Convention gets going on Monday, Sunday serves as a bridge between the weekend-that-was and the week-of-nonstop-partying-that-it-will-be. While, sure, you could be responsible and catch up on your sleep (and rest that overworked liver of yours), why stop now? Head to Vanity and keep the party going and kick off N&B at Sin Sundays. At the Hard Rock Hotel. Doors at 10 p.m.,

$40 for guys, $20 for girls, locals free.

Mon. 8

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines—and by that, we mean raise your glasses: The Nightclub & Bar Convention begins on Monday. The annual event is marking a quarter century with an opening night party at Haze. It’s going to be one heck of a birthday; consider yourselves warned. At Aria. Doors at 10 p.m. for convention-goers, 11:30 p.m. for the rest of us, $40 for men, $20 for women.

Tues. 9

The Nightclub & Bar Convention always overtakes the Las Vegas club scene, and today it takes over XS. Victor Drai’s glittering nightspot at Encore (which was named Nightclub of the Year by Nightclub & Bar last month) is the hottest Tuesday-night ticket in town and it hosts the convention’s “Hot 100” party. Doors at 10 p.m. for invited guests, 11:30 for the general public, $30 for guys, $20 for girls. Meanwhile, multi-platinum singing sensation Kevin Rudolf will be next door, at the Wynn, for a smaller yet still celebratory CD release party. The “Let It Rock” star will perform his track “I Made It” (minus Birdman and the now-imprisoned Lil Wayne) while DJ Mighty Mi maintains his place in the booth. At Blush. Doors at 10 p.m., $30 for out-of-towners, free for locals.

Wed. 10

As the 2010 Nightclub & Bar Convention comes to a close, Tao will host the 10th annual N&B DJ Spin-off competition. The first portion of the party is once again closed to the public; the floodgates open to the rest of us at 11:30 p.m. At the Venetian. $20 for guys, $10 for girls, free for locals.

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