V Bar

Centrally located between the Venetian and the Palazzo on “Restaurant Row,” V Bar provides a convenient location for both locals and the post-convention crowd to grab a drink after the day’s work is done. Known for its wide selection of martinis, the venue turns up the volume as it progresses from lounge to ultra lounge.

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Story from the Bar


Story from the Bar

“There’s this guy, he comes in infrequently, but he’s a real pain in the ass. He’s rude to everybody. … It’s like, you wouldn’t go out of your way to help him. So this guy comes up to the bar and starts talking to this girl. Now I know, and everyone else at the bar knows, that this girl’s a man—but she’s really pretty with all the surgery and makeup and all. So this guy comes up and he’s talking to her and nobody tells him because he’s just rude to everyone.