Get on the Boat

Matt Goss croons his way to Caesars Palace

“Some songs will really get people to let go and there will be tears on their faces but they’ll still be listening to the music and letting that emotion out.”

Not the quote you’d expect from a former boy bander, but Matt Goss is chasing a little bit of the unexpected with his new show, Matt Goss Live From Caesars Palace. “People always expect something that’s very polite,” he says. “And it’s actually very loud and it has a lot of edge.”

Of course, if you’re expecting a radical departure from his four-month run at the Palms, don’t. Both Goss and producer Robin Antin want to keep the essence of their past show.

The biggest difference seems to be the move to Cleopatra’s Barge, which they are remodeling to fit the retro Vegas act. Think more reds and golds, as well as a newly closed-in space. But not too many changes. “We’re really happy to be in that space and we respect the boat,” Antin says.

Of course, it makes sense for a man who channels Frank Sinatra to preserve the past. He’ll perform a mix of old standards and contemporary hits (including originals from his new album, Gossy) with a nine-piece band and the “Dirty Virgin” dancers. “They aren’t the Pussycat Dolls,” Antin says of the differences between the showgirls and the other act she produces. “They’re much more about enhancing and creating energy around Matt as opposed to performing for themselves. Kind of like [when] Dean Martin had his Golddiggers.”

In the end, visiting the Gossy Room is about the whole experience. “I want people to know that they can go out for a beautiful night out and stay once I finish my show and continue to drink and flirt,” Goss says. Indeed, he may take his own advice: “I have my own little booth and maybe have a scotch on the rocks. The tux stays on, but the bow tie comes undone.”

Opens 10 p.m. March 12, $40, 866-1400