Neon Reverb Survival Guide

You’ve got a lot of live—and very loud—music ahead of you. And until Neon Reverb has its own iPhone app, you’re strongly advised to tear out this page and keep it handy.

CHECKLIST: We suggest hitting CVS for the store’s own 6 Pair Value Pack of Ultra Soft Silicone Earplugs ($4). You can’t beat the built-in “antimicrobial protection,” either. In some bars, you’ll need it. Dry lips in a dive bar are always a concern, especially if you’re looking for a cute indie-rocker to snog, so make sure to grab some ChapStick ($2) at the register. Ladies might consider cherry or tropical; dudes should stick with “invigorating Green tea mint.” Don’t forget to stuff a generic bottled water ($1) in your pants or purse for walking between clubs. You’re in the desert, remember?

ETIQUETTE: Nothing wrong with vigorous headbanging, dancing and jumping around. Just don’t be a douche and start moshing, crowd-surfing or doing hardcore breakdowns in a way that hurts others, OK? Especially ladies. They will cut you. Tip your bartenders generously so you can get stronger drinks and faster service. Don’t drink too much. It annoys people when you start yelling for “Freebird.” Plus, a cab from downtown to your Henderson abode will cost you big time (though still cheaper than a DUI).

AFTERMATH: The Stake Out (4800 S. Maryland Parkway) across from UNLV makes a great Bloody Mary and is an ideal place to sober up. Even closer to the Neon Reverb action is Tiffany’s Café (1700 Las Vegas Blvd. South) on the Strip at Oakey Boulevard. Order the trout and eggs at 5 a.m. and you won’t regret it—as long as you’ve stopped drinking by then! Whatever you do, stay out of the gentleman’s clubs. Let’s keep it an affordable evening of kick@ss live music, right?

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