Slam Dunk

Secretary of State Ross Miller laid on the half-court press March 4 for a campaign fundraising event at the Palms. The effort was held in the hotel’s Hardwood Suite and was co-hosted by Palms president George Maloof, N9NE Group power couple Michael and Jenna Morton, and UFC president Dana White.

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Jacob Snow, general manager of the Regional Transportation Commission, has spent his career working on ways of bringing people to Las Vegas and moving them around. In a transit-averse, auto-heavy town like this, that hasn’t been easy. Cars are happiest, he says, when there aren’t other cars around. “We’ve got a lot of unhappy cars.” And Snow thinks he has a solution to get people out of them. It’s called Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), and it’s about to unfold across Las Vegas.