Artist Tim Bavington’s Mod-Punk Style

Photo by Tomas Muscionico

Photo by Tomas Muscionico


Age: 43

Career: Artist, Tim Bavington Studio

Style icon: The Modfather, Paul Weller, for his “self-expression and individualism.”

What He’s Wearing Now: Paul Smith Gents woven cotton shirt, silk tie, straight-fit jeans and Rabbit trainers from the Paul Smith boutique in Crystals at CityCenter.

Hair: by Globe Salon

A product of 1970s London, during its mod revival and the advent of punk rock, Tim’s personal style is a combination of both. The evidence is scrawled on his chest when he wears his favorite T-shirt emblazoned with a Sex Pistols’ album cover. His mod sensibility comes across in his paintings, inspired partly by his favorite designer, Paul Smith, and the clothier’s striped shopping bag, circa 1987.

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