Tweets of the Week

Compiled by @marseniuk

@curtiswalker That McDonald’s commercial you just saw on the oscars was filmed in Vegas. That’s Redrock. So nice to see Vegas without neon sometimes.

@lloydalmighty Whatever happened to ‘What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas’? Cirque de Soleil should never leave that town. #oscars

@FrankCaliendo After just a few tweets, @ConanOBrien has so many followers, I’ve already got my agents trying to get me booked on his twitter feed.

@Vegasgeoff Todd English P.U.B at CityCenter has a 7 second beer chug challenge. Do it, beer is free, up to 4 times. Finished the 1st one, no problem.

@DailyFiasco Wow. In Aria AND getting cell service. It’s a Christmas miracle.

@_Sims With the exception of the legal dept asking for clarification between fist-pumping and fisting, it was a good week at work.

@fairweatherfrnd You know a fried chicken place is legit when it has private security at the door.

@MooseDiesel81 There’s a mini pony at @taolasvegas and the Heath Department is at Prive?? Does that make any sense?? Hahahahahaha

@Mercedeslv I think the woman in the public restroom meant to ask if I had a tampon to spare. She said pontoon instead. I still said yes.

@jordanrubin Does Carl Sr. know that his son gives people diarrhea?

@hbaldwinLA You would chew him up and spit him out … he’s totally your type.

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