What Is Holly Hiding?

It’s not like Holly Madison to be conservative—she is the star of a topless revue, after all—yet the former Playboy model was uncharacteristically and notably covered-up when she hosted a bikini fashion show at Eve nightclub in Crystals at CityCenter on March 5.

While seven models donned Adriana Fernandez bikinis, Madison stuck to a modest—boring, even—black one-piece. It was a marked change from last May, when the surgically enhanced Peepshow starlet sported a cute retro plaid two-piece and led 280 other beauties down Las Vegas Boulevard.

This year’s notable cover-up begs the question: Does one of Las Vegas’ most overexposed headliners have something to hide? A few spare pounds, perhaps? She and fellow former Playboy personality Laura Croft did indulge in some churros—as she proudly Tweeted—after dinner at Beso before the event.

Instead of confident and playful, the topless show star suddenly seemed insecure in the designer bathing suit.

Once again, she expressed herself on Twitter. “Did I really just host a nightclub in a bathing suit?” she asked at 1:28 a.m. “Pictures of my cellulite sure to be all over [the] Internet by tomorrow morning.”

Does Hugh Hefner’s former flame suffer from the condition that plagues 90 percent of women? Is she human, after all?

Perhaps—but if that’s the case, she hides it well enough.

Judging from photos from the event, Madison’s anxiety was unnecessary. There were no signs of cellulite, recently acquired pounds, or excessive Photoshopping—so she’s either as stunning as ever, or photographer Denise Truscello is even more talented with the air-brush than we thought. Either way, fans who showed for the event at Crystals did not leave disappointed.

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