Chris Sines, bartender at Steiner’s on Las Vegas Boulevard South

“A few years ago a bartender here in town was passed out drunk at a local casino. He was so inebriated; he walked up and down the levels in the parking garage looking for his vehicle. This unforeseen amount of time left him clinching his butt cheeks as he expeditiously needed to use the bathroom—casinos have a lot of conveniences but toilets in the parking garage I have not seen. He stopped and dropped between two parked cars, [then] called and got his shift covered. Subsequently he took a taxi home—he forgot about the valet check in his pocket. The next day he stopped by his place of work to thank the guy that covered his shift. Noticing his colleague was a bit amiss he inquired about why he was upset. … The guy responds that when he arrived at work he stepped out of his car and into a big pile of shit. What are the odds!”