The Palms Meets The Shore

Everyone’s favorite well-coiffed Jersey Shore personality kicked off his N9NE Group residency on March 12 at Ghostbar and all but overtook the Palms. Paul “Pauly D” Delvecchio started Friday night with a filet at N9NE Steakhouse, then went upstairs to Nove Italiano for another dinner with five others. All this begs the question: Does he have a bottomless stomach or bulimia? We’re going to go with neither and think that he just needed to feed that thing that lives on top of his head, whatever it is (kind of like the facehugger in Alien). Because, you know, a growing blowout needs lots of food.

The house music-loving Guido also got a key to the Playboy Club during his stay, was spotted at Rain checking out DJ Jazzy Jeff, and popped by Drai’s After Hours, too—with fellow reality TV personality Rob Kardashian.