Priscila Monroe, 26 and Jeff Monroe, 37

Priscila is a model and Jeff is a trainer.

What they are wearing now: (on her) Gap gray shirt, Anthropologie beige top, Guess jeans, vintage boots and a scarf she bought in Amsterdam; (on him) Lucky jeans, Ralph Lauren dress shirt, Calvin Klein suit jacket and Kenneth Cole shoes.

The couple, who have been married for five years, favor simple, clean and affordable attire. “I don’t follow fashion,” Jeff says. “I just wear what I feel comfortable in. I am a T-shirt and jeans guy.” After long hours in front of the camera modeling high fashion, Priscila goes in the opposite direction off camera. “I am a Gap kind of girl,” she says. “I like basics with a little kick. I travel a lot for modeling and I have to pack light. I do love colors. … It’s fun to have a pop of color daily.”