Sites to See


( If you don’t own a waffle iron, you’re missing out on the next great wave in geometrically regimented cuisine. I’ll bet you a shot of Vermont maple syrup with an Irish butter float that you didn’t know that you could use a waffle iron to make croque madame, or aloo parantha or s’mores. And did you know you could make chicken and waffles with waffle-fried chicken? Did anybody know? Check out Waffleizer, and learn how to make full use of the amazing culinary dynamo that’s been sitting in your kitchen, practically untouched, for several months.


( The less I say about Chessboxing, “the thinking man’s contact sport,” the better. I don’t want MGM Mirage boss Jim Murren to read this, slap his forehead, say “uhhh-doy!” and begin organizing his own Chessboxing brawls at the Grand Garden Arena before I can make my own moves in that regard. Suffice to say: It’s chess and it’s boxing, making sweet, angry love to each other. I’ll admit that the official Chessboxing site probably explains it better.


( Godzilla doesn’t want your large automobile. He doesn’t want your beautiful house or your beautiful wife. He only wants an answer to the question we often ask of ourselves: “Well, how did I get here?” The answers to his screeching entreaties, not surprisingly, lie in haiku—that form of Japanese poetry that condenses the anguish of existence to 17 soft and fluffy syllables. Samurai Frog composes a fresh haiku to the Tokyo Terror whenever the nuclear-powered muse strikes, and they’re all very friendly and comforting, like the turtle monster Gamera. Here’s my favorite: “Fire does not hurt / Nor do your silly weapons / But your words pierce true.”