Sneak Satisfaction

DJ Z-Trip’s Footwear Fetish

DJ Z-Trip is battling a lifelong addiction to shoes.

“It’s got to the point that I’ve got it under control,” says Rain’s Friday night headliner, whose real name is Zach Sciacca. “It’s not like in high school when I was like, ‘Oh, I want every single pair.’ Now I’ve got it sort of under control.”

Sort of.

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America’s Best DJ is a serious shoe collector.

“I’m very impulsive at this point because I’ve got all my shoe basics covered,” he says. “I’m the kind of guy who, if I see something, it’s like, man, I’ve got to grab it, and I’ll grab it.”

Though he “just downsized a minute ago,” the DJ’s collection still weighs in at somewhere between 75 and 100 pairs of sneakers. And when he needs to clean out his shoe closet, he knows where to offload the excess: his older brother, Matt.

“I used to get his hand-me-downs, so now it’s like hand-me-ups,” Sciacca jokes.

Still, as the 38-year-old browses the offerings at Suite 160 at Mandalay Place, it’s clear that it’s only a matter of time before his collection grows once again. A second stop, Undefeated on Paradise Road, is also on his Saturday afternoon itinerary.

“If something really jumps out at me I’ll mess with it,” Sciacca says.

Though his sneaker collection changes, the standouts remain—and he doesn’t have to think when asked about his favorites.

“I started out as a graffiti artist so I have Futura’s shoe, I have Stash’s shoe. Those are shoes I have and I’ll probably never get rid of,” he says. “I probably wouldn’t rock ‘em—they’re a bit too flashy for me—but I’m never going to throw them away because I’m a fan of their work.”

He stops to take a look at one of the less-than-subtle options at Suite 160.

“Maybe in London I could get away with something like that, I don’t know,” he says, putting the plaid All Star back on the shelf. “I’m sort of a subtle guy when I rock my stuff. I’ve been rocking the same shoes for years.”

“I’ve always been a Nike guy and an Adidas guy. I know it’s a cliché,” he says, pausing for an instant to look at another shoe on the rack before finishing his thought. “I always do New Balance. I also do Saucony … and not a lot of people rock ’em.”

So with all those options, how does he pick which ones to wear?

“I’ll go through moods,” he says. “Sometimes there’s the boisterous, really blown-out shoe that’s, like, a lot of colors, [when] you want a lot of attention, sometimes it’s subtle.

“It’s kind of like music,” he figures. “Once you’ve got your stock, you know, everything you need, it’s like, ‘Oh, there’s this remix,’ or ‘Oh, there’s this box set that’s come out that’s got this little weird thing.’ That’s what I go after at this point. I find a shoe and I roll with it.”