Tweets of the Week

­­Compiled by @marseniuk

@JessieGibson I am still confused as to why the UNLV fans are doing the Tomahawk Chop. Really?

@carlsjrofvegas My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought he was God and I didn’t.

@UNLVgirl The BYU players are all at Tropical Smoothie at GVR. Awwww, how sweet. NO caffeine for YOU!!

@c_e_rodriguez My flight to Vegas is filled w/jr high cheerleading teams. The cacophony is deafening. 3 1/2 hrs? I want to stick my head in the engine.

@Mercedeslv It’s official: This Friday is awesome. Why? Because I just found out there’s a tow truck company called Camel Towing.

@Alex_Acuna @arialv has a music station “pop divas.” Really? Why not just call it the gay station? Cher, Tina, Madonna, Gladys, Mariah all in a row.

@RhiaMayweather I’m giving away a free couch. It even comes with a man that’s permanently attached to it. LMAO.

@Hunter Since when is Matt Goss not a has been? Caesars is treating this opening like the second coming. He’s playing a fake BOAT for god’s sake.

@lyneka I absolutely do not support Mel B’s (aka Scary Spice’s) hair cut.

@campbell_g #daylightsavings means it’s nearly 5 p.m., time for a big glass of Sunday night vino.

@Stan_Tudor Im having Sex On The Beach at Aria Casino … 🙂

>@casino_host Like, literally? Or the drink?