Heigl’s Wardrobe Whoopsie

You know it’s a good night (or Super Bowl) when a boob is “accidentally” exposed, front and center. That’s exactly what happened at ShoWest on March 18, and the film industry awards show attendees have Katherine Heigl to thank for the surprise peepshow.

Heigl was accepting the Female Star of the Year award when a strap on her dress popped, mid-speech. Thankfully for her (and unthankfully for the rest of us), her lightning-fast reflexes—which we can only assume were honed fending off a handsy Jonah Hill on the set of Knocked Up—kept everything in place. Meanwhile, presenter Billy Bush held the strap while she finished her speech. Justin Timberlake has since denied any and all involvement in the wardrobe malfunction.

Also receiving awards at ShoWest were Jerry Bruckheimer, Zach Galifianakis, Vanessa Hudgens and the mummified husks of what used to be the Sex and the City gals. The event also drew Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Downey Jr. and Neil Patrick Harris. Now if only someone could talk the Coen Brothers into directing a musical with those last three. A tights-wearing Patrick Harris singing show tunes while prancing alongside Thorton and Downey Jr.? Still manlier than getting $1,000 worth of lollipops for your birthday.

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