Marc Anthony Longwith, 30

Server at Rare 120

Hometown: Las Vegas.

Got his start at: Primavera Restaurant at Caesars Palace as a stocker and polisher.

Alumnus of: Ruth’s Chris Steak House on Paradise Road, Emeril’s Fish House at MGM Grand, Todd English’s Olives at Bellagio, Corsa at Wynn and Fix at Bellagio.

Favorite part of the job: Being part of the scene without actually having to go out. Just working at the restaurant I get my nightlife fix; everyone is partying it up and we are right there doing it with them. … Oh, and don’t let me forget all the girls.

Favorite tip story: Last summer I served one of the owners of Vestal, Marty Kish, and a few of his execs. We had good chemistry from the get-go and during our conversation he noticed my shoes—[made by] Creative Recreation. He commented that he knew the owners. I mentioned that they were friends with a couple of our owners as well, Lonnie Moore and Mike Malin, and that they sponsored us with shoes for the entire staff. Being a big fan of Vestal watches, I suggested that he consider sponsoring us as well. We wound up partying together over the weekend. A week or so later, Marty sent us 15 watches for the crew, and a few accessories for myself. Needless to say, we were all super stoked.

Best celebrity to serve: Drew Carey. He is always super chill and low maintenance, as well as very grateful and very generous. It’s been a while; wish he would come around more often.

Craziest celeb to party with: I have been out with Chuck Liddell a few times. He is a wild man, definitely knows how to live it up in Vegas.

If he wasn’t serving for a living, he’d be: Teaching and investing full time. I am co-founder of the investment firm Lights Out LLC and still teach martial arts in my free time. Totally different fields but I am extremely passionate about both.

Signature trait: I have a tendency to give a slight bow when I am confirming the order or leaving the table. My formality must have come from my training in martial arts. My co-workers love to harass me about it; I think I have even caught them emulating me a few times in the back, all in good fun of course.

What’s your best pick-up line? Ask Mike Cody, he has a ton and they are probably the best I have ever heard—and I am sure he has used them in our restaurant before.