Tera-ble Love Connection?

It’s pretty safe to say the entire planet breathed a sigh of relief when porn superstar Tera Patrick kicked her talentless freeloader of a husband, Evan Seinfeld, to the curb. (No, the biohazard has-been isn’t even deserving of boldface recognition.) Still, we’re somewhat worried for Ms. P after learning she’s been out and about (and presumably over and under) financially troubled record producer Scott Storch. The pair were spotted at the Palms over the weekend (March 19-20), which, in the world of celebrity dating, is the equivalent of bringing the new guy home to meet the parents (but in this case, Mom happens to work for TMZ and Dad hosts Access Hollywood). The new assumed couple drank at N9NE Steakhouse on Friday and partied together at Ghostbar, then Rain on Saturday.

They weren’t seen on Sunday … perhaps they ordered room service.

Either way, we’re happy for Patrick, because, let’s face it: It would be a waste of talent if she was left sleeping alone, and seriously, anything would be better than dating Seinfeld. Who cares if Storch apparently mismanaged away a $70 million fortune? He must have some royalties rolling in. And if not, well, we know he at least has talent hiding somewhere behind those shades of his.

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