The Ultimate Countdown to Summer 2010

Two celebrity stylists share their secrets for building a versatile seasonal look, from shoes to sunglasses

Author and style guru Clinton Kelly, host of the wildly popular What Not to Wear on TLC, has made a career out of helping fashion-starved people reinvent themselves. Now Kelly has partnered with Macy’s for the “Makeover America’’ tour, which kicked off March 20 in Las Vegas. Kelly transformed 12 normal women into fashion goddesses and then gave them the opportunity to strut their stuff on the catwalk at Fashion Show.

Just in time for summer, Kelly will be hosting this event in seven more cities, with one person winning an ultimate makeover and shopping spree at Macy’s in New York.

Meantime, Kelly shares seven tips on what to wear and, of course, what not to wear this summer.

  1. Swimwear should never be worn as outerwear. Repeat: never. There is no excuse for not putting on a bathing suit cover-up and some shorts after leaving the pool. This is a tremendous faux pas committed by many people in Las Vegas.
  2. Build your summer wardrobe around a great pair of well-fitting shorts that works for your body type. Remember: not too long, not too short and always age-appropriate.
  3. Caged sandals are all the rage this year, but always make sure to balance delicate summer dresses with a feminine shoe that makes legs look long and lean.
  4. A lightweight summer suit is always a good investment piece as the pant or skirt can be worn with other tops and the blazer can go over just about anything. Women should not be afraid of buying suits.
  5. If it doesn’t fit, throw it out. Same goes for any clothing that cannot be repaired. Holding on to the past will never get you to the future. If you have gained a few pounds, seeing clothes in your closet that are size 4 and 6 when you are now an 8 or 10 is only going to make you feel depressed.
  6. Invest in a good tailor. It is a pipe dream to think that all clothes are ready-to-wear off the rack. Minor alterations can make all the difference and are a safeguard against ill-fitting attire. This should be observed for casual summertime gear as well as formal wear.
  7. Athletic shoes are not a footwear solution and should be avoided in the summer—unless you are working out, of course. There are a number of options for comfortable and stylish flats.

To enter the Makeover America Contest, upload a photo or video at

Costume designer Jennifer Rade has styled celebrities ranging from Angelina Jolie to Amy Winehouse to Dave Matthews. A frequent TV and brand spokeswoman—including appearances on Fashion Police and Project Runway—Rade recently brought her fashion wisdom to Las Vegas as an ambassador for high-end eyewear boutique Ilori in Crystals at CityCenter. Here she shares seven tips for keeping shades fresh and up-to-date in a city where fun in the sun mandatory:

  1. As a rule of thumb, it is important to take into consideration facial complexion when selecting the color of the glasses. Blondes look good in black, rose and red, for the most part.
  2. Plastic and oversize frames are still on trend for spring and summer 2010. Plastic sunglasses will do better if you are prone to using them as a headband. Aviators won’t fair as well.
  3. Buy multiple pairs. Having one is never enough. The theory is that you won’t lose sunglasses if you have the proper amount. If they are of high quality, you will take more responsibility for the product. I keep two pairs in my car at all times.
  4. This season the devil is in the details, with bright colors like purples and reds, gaining popularity. Metallics continue to sell, as well as black, soft jewels tones, gradient lenses and small details like denim and studding.
  5. Try on as many pairs as possible. Take a picture of a couple pairs that look good and then use the photo to make a decision.
  6. Protect the investment. Don’t just drop sunglasses in your purse without a case. Even if all you do is take a cloth and cover the lens, make sure they are sheltered.
  7. 7. Marni, Prada, Chanel, Chloe or Balenciaga are all great names to keep an eye on this season, with small details that reflect the brand aesthetic—for example, Chanel’s quilting or pearl accents.