To a Tee

Maison des Maisons makes the perfect summer T-shirt for both men and women. Photographer and fashion writer Garet Field Sells and creative director Christophe Galland meld the airiness of the French countryside with coastal California chic to produce a original aesthetic. A special bonus for Vegas Seven readers: When ordering use the code MDM4SEVEN and save $10. $64, maisondesmaisons.com.

The 10-Second Shower

Thanks to Batiste Dry Shampoo, staying home to wash your hair on a Friday night is now a thing of the past. Save time and just spray down with the delicious smelling original or blush formulas. No water required. $4 to $8, batistedryshampoo.com.

Design Resurrection

In 1986, Italian designer Ettore Sottsass (who died in 2007) created an electric kettle for Danish housewares company Bodum. Because of a metallic spout issue, it never saw the light of day. Twenty-four years later, Bodum will release the fabled object in May. $100, bodum.com.

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Author and style guru Clinton Kelly, host of the wildly popular What Not to Wear on TLC, has made a career out of helping fashion-starved people reinvent themselves. Now Kelly has partnered with Macy’s for the “Makeover America’’ tour, which kicked off March 20 in Las Vegas. Kelly transformed 12 normal women into fashion goddesses and then gave them the opportunity to strut their stuff on the catwalk at Fashion Show.