Little Diddy’s Big Birthday

Who comes to Las Vegas to throw their 12-year-old son a birthday party? Sean “Diddy” Combs, that’s who.

I don’t understand why you would bring your child to Vegas to celebrate his birthday when he’s 12 years old! Maybe Diddy is dyslexic and he just thought his son was turning 21 and not 12? I don’t get it. I mean, he’s just instilling what’s probably going to be bad behavior in his child in the future. Kids should have birthday parties at the playground, not Vegas.

The oh-so-responsible rapper brought a tour bus full of famous people’s children—including Tyson Beckford’s son, Faith Evans’ son and Master P’s son—to town on April 4 for a three-day Las Vegas vacation.

It all started at Lavo, where Diddy and the kiddies stayed in the private dining room way past the middle-schoolers’ bedtimes. Combs also rented out the Hardwood suite at the Palms the following night for the kids to play in.