The Couple That Tattoos Together …

As if Deryck Whibley needed another reason to drink—he was spotted knocking back Jack Daniels at the Venetian two weekends in a row, beginning at Tao where he celebrated his birthday on March 25, and the following weekend, too, because, well, whiskey is delicious—but he might want to step it up a notch (we suggest Wild Turkey 101, Everclear or anti-freeze) now that ex-wife Avril Lavigne has apparently taken her fling-thing with Brody Jenner to the next level.

Lavigne and her new beau made it official and got matching lightning-bolt tattoos during the opening weekend party at King Ink at The Mirage. While Lavigne got hers on her hand, Jenner opted for the neck—a move only a man who long ago resigned himself to never ever needing a job could make without hesitation.

This comes three weeks after Lavigne was spotted with Whibley as they left an L.A. tattoo parlor. Some people are serial killers; perhaps Lavigne is a serial matching-tattoo-getter.

Lavigne and Jenner were spotted at The Bank the following night, throwing back shots of Jäger with Shaun White and Emile Hirsch. Unconfirmed reports suggest the empty Jäger bottle annoyed Lavigne at the end of the night when it refused to get matching “Deutschland Is for Lovers” tattoos with her.