From Miles to Mohammed

Lance Burton remembers his favorite audiences

After 14 years, Lance Burton’s magic show at the Monte Carlo will be coming to an end. Burton, who has performed at the casino since 1996, recalled for Vegas Seven that he has had many dignitaries in his audience. “I was really excited when Mohammed Ali came to see the show. We are from the same town in Kentucky. When I introduced him and he stood up, the entire audience jumped to their feet and gave him a two-minute standing ovation.” But his favorite audience member was a little child from England. Burton brought the kid onstage to assist with an illusion. Burton recalls the exchange:

Burton: What is your name?
Kid: Miles.

Burton: How old are you, Miles?
Kid: Five.

Burton: Are you married?
Kid: No.

Burton: Do you have a girlfriend?
Kid: No.

Burton: Do you want to meet one of the girls in my show?
Kid: No. We can’t afford one of those.

Burton said the audience response to 5-year-old Miles from England, equaled that of Ali’s.

Burton’s run at Monte Carlo concludes with the final performance on Sept. 4. See his show at 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Call 730-7160. Tickets are $50-$75