Reality Starlet Swap?

Tao co-owner Jason Strauss celebrated his birthday on April 10 at Tao (and, in true Las Vegas style, at several other places here and in New York that week), and both Paris Hilton and Reggie Bush came to join the fun. The two reportedly kept their distance Saturday afternoon in a Wet Republic bungalow, but a TMZ photographer captured the pair (that-insists-they’re-not) engaging in a champagne toast at Tao. Hilton has reportedly sloughed off Doug Reinhardt for a second time, but it’s silly to think that she’d hang out with Bush just to tweak Kim Kardashian. And by “silly” we mean a combination of funny and sad. Still, we won’t believe it was an intentional snub until we see Hilton having sex with Ray J on camera. Stay tuned!