Sibling Snub

Stephanie Pratt said that her brother Spencer and his plastic bride at the top of the wedding cake, Heidi Montag, didn’t want her in their lives. That bit of theory was put into practice as Stephanie spent the weekend at Lavo celebrating her birthday—with Heidi and Spencer nowhere in sight. And by “nowhere” we mean “highly visible all day Saturday at Liquid,” as the vaguely humanoid couple led the pool’s grand opening at Aria with a display of boobs more plastic than anything that could be found at most fine Las Vegas adult retailers. (Let’s face it: At this point, the only difference between Montag and Roxxxy the sex robot is personality. And Montag is losing.)

Meanwhile, Speidi’s male portion was looking dapper as ever as he hung by the pool in ratty fatigues while still sporting that ridiculous, mangy beard.

We can’t wait for those two to have kids.