Sites to See


( Brandon Doman understands that diaries aren’t blogs. The Michigan-based writer set up a table full of blank books in the middle of Ann Arbor, Mich. and asked strangers to write out their stories in them, and the result is “Don’t Talk To Strangers”—a Website of anonymous confessions, and a compass rose pointing to every point on the emotional landscape. Here you’ll find the life truths that people don’t admit to others in their blogs, or sometimes even to themselves. It’s a wrenching, yet uplifting read.


( Walt Disney Pictures’ Tron: Legacy, the sequel to its 1982 cult favorite Tron, doesn’t hit the multiplexes until December, but Disney is already well into pouring gravy on the geeks. Their Flynn Lives! viral marketing campaign (the idea behind the sequel is that Jeff Bridges’ “Flynn” character has vanished) has already yielded a bunch of advance trailers and exclusive content—and you don’t even have to be a standard-issue IT nerd to enjoy the latest bit. “Arcade Aid” is simply a visual puzzle: Nearly every item in the picture represents a popular videogame. Guess them all and they’ll send you an “ENCOM” badge that unlocks another set of clues. Get to it, geeks; Flynn ain’t gonna find himself.


( This site may be offensive to some (and it’s probably not work-safe for most, even though the nudity is artfully concealed), but I don’t care. I could look at pictures of pretty ladies in bathtubs all the live-long day, and Girls in Bathtubs is only too happy to oblige. I strongly advise you to roll back through all the photos on this blog, at least to March 19. That’s the day when a cute goth girl took a bath in Cheetos. What a grand day it was!