Tweets of the Week

­­Compiled by @marseniuk

@jasonstrauss “People think Noah drinks 50 shots of Patron: it’s all Lime juice.” Nicola: I want my money back!

@johnnykats Wha-a? It’s $5 to park at Las Vegas Club? I’ll give you $135 for the whole property.

@badbanana Have we considered just not replacing Justice Stevens? Nine justices seems pretty flashy in these tough economic times.

@reggie_bush It’s funny watching drunk people make a fool out of themselves… and then you think, God, I hope I don’t act like that when [I] drink! Lol!

@rickmurray Unbelievable. #Spirit airlines to charge $20-45 for items in OH bins. More than that if you yourself choose to sit up there.

@perhaes Did a panel at #NAB today. Local radio advertising reps in attendance had never heard of @Foursquare. R.I.P. local radio.

@Lrfrisbee_LVM Trading in the Wheaties for Lucky Charms … No more flakes (cereal, friends and men) for this girl!!

@fandpinlv I can’t afford UNLVino this year, so I’m giving blood so my homemade margaritas are more effective.

@vegascourtesan You know you’re throwing a good bachelor party when there’s a noise complaint. Oops.

@chrisJAMESS @reggie_bush Paris Hilton? Cmon son!!!

@kevinrose I’m considering buying old spice body wash just so they keep making these epic commercials.