Bachelor No More

Going on The Bachelor is prima facie evidence that you want to get married. Badly. Although former fiancé Matt Grant might say otherwise, Shayne Lamas met her destiny when, after a commitment-cementing day or so with’s Nik Richie, the two got hitched on April 18 at the Little White Wedding Chapel.

They opted for the Michael Jordan package—Jordan married Juanita Vanoy there in 1989, and the chapel has a package deal named after the basketball star—because, you know, that one turned out so well. And by “well” we mean in a record-setting $168 million divorce settlement.

The wedding cost the couple more than $500, but it included 36 digital pictures (ready to post to MySpace) and a DVD of the ceremony (perfect for e-Bay, though a DVD of the wedding night would sell better).

Richie confirmed the nuptials on Twitter, saying, “Last night I got married to an amazing person and we are extremely excited to share our lives together.” And, as we all know, if it’s on Twitter, it’s not some attention-seeking ploy. It’s love.

The newlyweds headed to the Hard Rock Hotel to celebrate their union as any respectable couple looking to get their new life together off to a good start would: posing for the paparazzi at Wyclef Jean’s afterparty at Vanity.

Those two are destined to have the classiest children in America, we can tell.

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