Tweets of the Week

The Coachella Edition

Compiled by @marseniuk

@JessieGibson @Sarah_Jr: Where’s Coachella again, Ibiza? Me: Really? @Sarah_Jr: I know I know, thank God I’m pretty!

@wesisrad So I guess the hot hipster fashion of Coachella 2010 is for them to dress like gay Indians? Lots of face paint and feathers.

@loquaciousgabby Just saw 2 girls wearing heels. Seriously, who wears heels to Coachella?

@CallMeGoldie A lot of fun costumes here. A taco, pizza, hot dog. Jesus & Waldo are here too! I found Jesus & Waldo on the same day! 🙂

@miamoretti Who just spilled a drink on my new Celine (Topshop) clogs!! Rude!

@MetromixPS David Hasselhoff at Neon Carnival—best #Coachella sighting EVER!

@undocumentedAM Coachella is like the NBA All-Star game for pro hos.

@maggielillis Self-diagnosing that girl with a nasty case of “I don’t have pants on.”

@RaDD678 Ha ha @katyperry got her wallet stolen at Coachella. See what happens when you sass the beer wench?

@katyperry You can steal my pocket book but you can’t steal my spirit! #fuckthemthievinbitches@coachella

@theandystratton Just spent $14.00 on a sandwich and bottle of water. Must be at the airport. Or #Coachella.

@erinmachine Outta clean clothes, outta drugs, outta Indio. ’Til next time, Coachella.

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