Don’t be a business casual-ty

Gents, we are going to move away from the formal, buttoned-up how-to’s and delve into casual wear. We can’t have you getting FUBAR once you bust outta the suit and hop into your casual threads. This brief will cover more of the business-casual angle, since bathing suits are self-explanatory and if you’re older than 22, you shouldn’t be wearing Abercrombie anyways.

Let’s start with this question: When I say “business casual,” do you think “corporate golf shirt”? Casual Fridays is a social disaster since most people (present company excluded) don’t know what to wear the rest of the week. It becomes quite dicey when giving the uninitiated less structure, so we get golf shirts with every imaginable logo paired with polyester slacks, or jeans coupled with an untucked button-down.

Having a sensibility about yourself and how you look, whether you’re decked out or on the sundeck is mostly about attention to detail. It is also about fit. (Shocker, huh?) We have already covered a lot of this stuff, so it’s on you to flip through the digital versions online to catch up (

Dressing up is a mind-set, not a tuxedo. You can easily be dressed up in jeans and a button-down, but it must have the look. An ensemble featuring jeans that fit well with a solid wash and a tailored-fit shirt is sooo easy to pull off. Then if you want to take it a step further, throw on a hip (well-cut) sport jacket and you are ready for drinks, dinner, dancing or a 4 a.m. crawl into the Rhino. This way you are comfortable all day at work and still looking sharp when snooping for tail at night.

When out shopping for casual attire, buy stuff that fits you, your style and your budget. Especially in the summer months, you don’t want clothes that are too baggy or oversized—it’s a sloppy look and it’s a myth that it helps cool you down.

One of the best things to help sort out a casual-wear conundrum is to create a “look book” for yourself. Most of my clients hand me stacks of GQ ads and editorial photos, stills from movies, camera phone shots of random stuff at Barneys, and the occasional shot of a dude wearing something fly in a club. The pictures do help, guys, so if you see something you like, put it in a folder and use that as reference when shopping and putting outfits together.

Guys in Vegas can get away with wearing spring/summer pieces practically year-round, which is great because most S/S items are bit more laid back structurally and stylistically. Remember, you cannot go wrong in a great cotton suit with a faint pastel shirt. You can wear the pants and shirt in the office all day, then throw on a narrow-cut tie and the jacket and … boom, you’re out the door looking sharp. And you just avoided becoming another business casual-ty.