The First Annual Las Vegas DJ Awards Debriefing

If you are a DJ and were able to attend the inaugural Las Vegas DJ Awards on April 25, perhaps you don’t work as much as certain other DJs—The Captains of Industry, for instance. It was “all hands on deck” for us, as usual, with another stellar night at the lavish Playboy Club.

Long tale and a few excuses shy: We weren’t able to witness what was surely an incredibly glamorous night of teary-eyed acceptance speeches and shiny trophies.

But even more regrettable, we missed out on an amazing opportunity to celebrate nightlife with friends and peers, and we are unable to hide our disappointment in losing in the Sexiest DJ category. The winner, Quira, has nothing on the fine haberdashery and je ne sais quoi that frames our mass appeal. She can’t even grow a moustache!

We were overjoyed to see that some of our closest comrades took top honors in the major categories, and many of the winners mirrored the voting patterns we employed ourselves. Biggest Local Following went to Five, and we couldn’t agree more, as the citizens of Sin City frequently voice their praises in public, from the Tuscany Poker Room to the Burlington Coat Factory. Shift, winner of Biggest Groupie Following, does indeed have access to a gaggle of willing individuals; The Captains of Industry can attest to this, as we have both known him in the Biblical sense—though never at the same time.

The award for Best Pool DJ was handed to Scene, a genuine testament to that golden tan he maintains throughout the season. And the grand prize went to our old amigo, Vice, who took the accolade for Best Main Room DJ. We feel this honor will finally establish him in the nightlife industry, and that his big payday and a few billboards are right around the corner!

The ceremony took place at the Light Group’s decadent nightclub nestled in the back of Bellagio’s The Bank. More than 60 DJs from varying tiers were nominated, including Light Group marketing maven Mustafa “Moose” Abdi, who technically isn’t a DJ at all, but, as he lamented on Twitter, “I guess if you hang out in the booth long enough [you are] in by association.”

The event was the brainchild of Jack Colton, proprietor of When the list of nominees was initially revealed, a dialogue immediately opened within the DJ community, weighing aspects that spanned from the pitfalls of online surveys to the qualifications of the voting public to the potential benefits of holding a title. In a brief phone conversation with Colton himself, conducted from our temporary headquarters in a suite within The Mirage, we were assured that the integrity of the event was the main concern. “These awards are as credible as they can be,” he said.

That said, we apologize to Tina T, winner of Best Female DJ, and her manager, Candice Clark, for the lengthy argument that occurred outside the Rehab entrance at Hard Rock earlier on the day of the DJ Awards: We thought you two chicks had just been drinking heavily, but that is still no excuse for our solicitous outlook. Congratulations!

And more congratulations to the rest of the winners. See you next year!