My Favorite Show

New Jersey native Rick Faugno plays Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys, but he also has a one-man show at the South Point hotel-casino, Songs My Idols Sang (and Danced). From his Broadway pedigree to his love of lounge music, Faugno knows what makes a good show …

Kà has been my favorite show for a while. When I saw it last year, I thought that—as far as a technical eye-popping spectacle­—it was the biggest thing that I’ve ever seen. It’s a testament to what those people can do and the ingenuity of the people that put it together—it’s mind-blowing. So is The Beatles Love, but on a different sort of scale. And the other Cirque shows are amazing too, but the thing that just takes it [Kà] to a different level? That stage that’s in the middle of the air and it tilts back and forth and people are climbing up and down it. Forget the story part, if people want to see a show that’s just going to blow their minds, I would send them to that. You can’t get any bigger or out of control—in a good way.

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