The Simple, Single Life

Another weekend, another Hilton sister in Las Vegas. This time it was Paris Hilton who was in town to host Rehab on April 25. Sister Nicky Hilton was there too, meaning the Hard Rock Hotel got two Hiltons for the price of one—bargain!

The heiresses were more than an hour late for their party. When they turned up, Paris was decked out in a hot-pink bikini with a matching purse, rhinestone heels and subtle skin shade that could be described as somewhere between a bottle of Fanta and Q*bert.

Brandon Davis joined Hilton at Rehab the following day, where Hilton eagerly announced to the crowd that she was single, Davis was, too, and that he liked hot blondes. This prompted a stream of girls to stop by the cabana to, ahem, say hello to Davis. Turns out Hilton makes a pretty good wingman.