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Compiled by @marseniuk

@stephanieweedin 24 hr Vegas gem: Pho Kim Long on Spring Mountain. Not Thai but at 5 a.m. any Asian is as good as any other. This goes for food and strippers.

@kellyoxford Personal trainer Jillian Michaels says she won’t have a baby because she doesn’t want to ruin her body. Darwin wins.

@neilkull I’m killin’ it. So, like, all you haters: Up Yours.

@djChuckie Dear bartenders in Vegas, if you see me, please don’t sell me alcohol. I’m trying to stay sober.

@maryspecht I plan to give my kids the option of going to college, or hitting “Random article” on Wikipedia several times a day for a few years.

@lasvegaslisa Watching “the Donald” on the View … Is it just me, or did the comb over transform into the comb FORWARD over? How does he make that happen?

@LindseyRathjen Baby Mama drama at my apartment complex … Soooo watching from my balcony.

@pattistanger Remember, women are like crock-pots, they heat up slowly, and men are like microwaves, instantly ready to go.

@fairweatherfrnd I’m surprised that @TFLN doesn’t have more txts from Vegas. Apparently all of the drunk whores are in Chicago.

@melindasvegas One great thing about living in Vegas: no one knows who Zac Posen is and they could care less about his Target collection.

@joelmchale I have a new girlfriend and her name is Ipad. I feel like I’m in Star Trek when I use this thing. Is there a Replicator app?

@lvtaxidriver Best statement of the night so far: ”OMG I forgot my panties back at the pool” 4Seasons is such classy joint.

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